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Monday, October 5, 2009



Fair play to Togher Rovers, the newly crowned champions of Murphy's

Stout Two B. Not alone did they win the championship but they also

did well in the sporting stakes: no Togher player was sent off this


It was a very enjoyable season for the southsiders who took the title

with three points to spare over West End Utd. Blarney Street Athletic

were the other major contenders while Wilton and Bosco's also helped

make it quite a competitive league.

But what turned the also rans of the previous championship into the

number ones of the current chart? Jim Haines, appointed player

manager last summer, must take a great deal of the credit.

He brought back players who had left the club and, mixing the

prodigals and the faithful, produced a title winning blend, a team

that lost just twice in the course of the 22 match campaign. Training

sessions at Coffey's Field were well attended and support on matchday

grew by the game.

West End kept up the chase until the end and Togher needed a point

from their last game to clinch the championship. Haines and company

needn't have worried. Skipper Paul Sherlock scored an early goal and

put them on the way to a 5 - 0 win and there were mighty celebrations

once AUL assistant secretary Denis O'Driscoll had presented the


Colin Rahilly is chairman of the club (which was formed in 1983). The other

officers are: Kieran Lordan (treasurer), Brendan McCabe (secretary), and

Donal O'Donoghue (assistant secretary).

The panel was: T. Meldrum, B. Doyle, G. Burns, D. Haines, P. Sherlock

(captain), M. McDermott, T. Murphy, K. Haines, M. Roche, E. Haines, K.

O'Sullivan, A. Ryan, M. Fahy, D. Walsh, M. Crowley, T. Welch, and J. Haines.

* Togher, who scored 57 leagues goals and conceded 22, finished with

37 points from 22 games. West End had 34, Blarney Street 29.

Beaumont Rangers were relegated while Mayfield Athletic withdrew

towards the end of the season.

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