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Friday, October 2, 2009



Many soccer people were present in Little Island last Saturday (21/5/05). Not for a game but to say a sad farewell to Leeside’s Denis Cambridge who was buried just a long kick or two from the venue he did so much to establish for his beloved club.

“We will not see his likes again,” said Leeside’s Kieran Horgan and there was not, will not be, any argument with that. He fought his club’s corner tenaciously, often fiercely, but once the dust settled on an issue, that was it and there were no grudges held.

Sometimes the good, the very ones we need, die young. At least in this courageous case, there are more than memories. The magnificent set-up at Leeside will stand as testament to his superb unselfish effort and constant interest in the betterment of the club and the community.

Hard to believe that, just a few short weeks back, in the hard fought end game of his life, he was down there on a sunny Sunday morning at his usual place on the line, his courage an inspiration to those of us who face much more mundane challenges than an 18 month battle with cancer.

To his equally courageous wife Geraldine, and to their three daughters, Aislinn, Ciara and Emer, to his mother Noreen, deprived of husband and son in quick succession, to his sisters Marion and Vivienne and his brother Kieran, we extend our sincere condolences on behalf of everyone in local football.

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