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Monday, October 5, 2009


In the early sixties, when I first became involved in soccer, there was some

disapproval, what with the infamous ban and the rural establishment very much

in favour of the status quo and against the foreign game.

Soccer was said to be alien to our culture. That has been spectacularly

disproved, particularly in the last twelve years or so. As the game has spread,

through parish after parish, it has become an extra choice for our youth, a

new freedom, an extension of our culture.

And an extension that has projected the country on to the world stage in a way

that an introspective culture never could. Who can forget Euro 88 in Germany,

Italia Novante as George Hamilton loved to say during the summer of 1990,

still loves to say, and more recently New York and Orlando.

We Irish showed that we can enjoy ourselves, win, lose or draw. But the

players of Springfield know that you don't have to go abroad to enjoy yourselves.

You have enjoyed yourselves, win lose or draw, at venues in the city and in

villages and towns around the county.

You have enjoyed yourselves because you are a committed group, committed to

one another. You do the training, play the game, and enjoy yourselves afterwards. Sometimes, the craic can be marginally better if you have some silverware on the table. Perhaps that business will be done next year. Thanks for inviting us and keep up the good work.

(B Lyons at Springfield dinner)

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